El Dorado

El Dorado 685, the best fishing platform around

You won’t see many of them but when you do, they stand out and impress everyone lucky enough to see them.

Not only does the El Dorado from Buccaneer cut a handsome line, they’re designed with the serious fisho in mind. The generous walk around is one of the primary features which attracted me to the boat. I’ve used it fighting some good fish and the bonus is that it also caters excellently for youngsters, the deep bulwarks keeping them nice and safe, so this boat is absolutely the quintessential fishing and family boat.

Mine is a hard top (which I seriously recommend) and is used primarily out of Raglan. Performance is amazing on the water (I’ve used Yamaha 225hp) and testament to the design of the chines and deep V, the windscreen hardly gets wet, even in choppy conditions and the ride is soft and secure. With the generous walk around feature, the cabin space is limited, but more than enough for overnighting if needed. Both seats on my boat have reversible backrests, which is great for fishing time.

On the lakes, the bow seat is a fabulous feature very popular with the kids and family, and provides a great position from which to take in the view catch wind in the face and to sun tan. I recommend the added option of “shower curtains” for inclement weather – keeps skipper and crew warm and dry, and get autopilot – a feature one doesn’t appreciate enough until you have it and use it.

For launching and retrieving we added the Baylex launcher to the Enduro trailer – if you can afford it, get it – works a treat!

Have a very good look at this boat before making your choice of boat, it’s in a class of its own!